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Nick + Stef's Steakhouse

Nick + Stef LA is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles on Hope Street. It's surrounded by tall buildings with a beautiful sky view from the newly renovated patio developed by Beleco, a world-class design firm. The outside has a nice contemporary feel, while the inside reminds me of a 1960's retro-modern vibe. The space is vast and beautifully laid out with deep orange booths in one room, which are elegantly designed. There is an eclectic mix of furniture, which gives the restaurant a lot of character. The wine display is massive, but captivating as well as the window wall of prime meats. It would make any meat lover ecstatic. However, this dining experience was dedicated to seafood and vegetables.

I already had studied the menu the night before and knew that I was going to start out with the Pan Seared Diver Scallops with cauliflower puree, crispy sweetbreads, and bordelaise sauce. I have tried a variety from several restaurants, but this was perfectly cooked. Still soft on the inside and just enough sear on the outside, and not too salty. It was just right in its balance and is honestly the best I have ever had. I also tasted the Big Eye Tuna. These were bite-size, but oh so delicious in flavor. The heirloom radish covered the tuna, the pickled shimeji mushrooms laid on the sides, and the sweet onion ponzu gave a nice contrast on my palate.

My guest and I decided that we didn't have enough of the Scallops. We had to order a plate of 6 as opposed to the 3 that came with the appetizer portion. We also had King Salmon and a side of the brussels sprouts. Once you bite into the King Salmon, you can taste the mesquite flavor instantly. Just thinking about this makes my mouth water. It was a good size cut.

I definitely would like to come back during the week when there is Happy Hour from M-F from 2pm-7pm and hang out at the patio. If you have never been, work in the downtown area, or want to taste some incredible food. Then this is the place to visit.

Although this tasting was comped by Nick +Stef's LA Steakhouse, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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