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Restaurants and Food Trucks I have Visited

It has been a fantastic year, and I have tried so many restaurants and Food Trucks either on my own or through media tastings.  I want to thank all the Chefs, General Managers, Marketing Contacts, Yelp Elite Event Managers, Food Bloggers for the invitations to try these beautiful restaurants and Dine LA for the best deals twice a year. If not for all of you I would not have experienced most of these places. So thank you, and I look forward to 2019 to try many new restaurant, cafes, and restaurants on wheels.

My Top 10 for 2018 in no particular order are the following:

1) Melisse

2) Bestia

3) Journeyman's Food and Drink

4) Luigi Al Teatro

5) Wood and Vine

6) Chaya Izakaya

7) Oak Laguna

8) Bone Kettle

9) Otium

10) Crossings

7 Fusion (Media Tasting)

26 Beach


A Food Affair (Dine LA)





AR Cucina

Arnes Famous Aebelskiver

Asian Box

A Spice Affair (Yelp Elite Event)

Azabu Sabo


Baobab (Media Tasting)

Barbara Jean LA 

Barneys Gourmet Burgers


Beauty and Essex (Dine LA)

Big Boi Filipino

BKK 101

Blue Bayou Restaurant 

Blue Daisy


Boos Philly (Media Tasting)

Blue Ribbon Sushi

Beunello Trattoria (Dine LA)

B Sweet Treat

Buca Di Beppo

Butcher's Daughter

C & O Trattoria

Cafe Bora (Media Tasting)

Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Vietnam (Food Truck)


California Pizza Kitchen


Catch LA


Celestino (Media Tasting)

Chapina Express (Food Truck)

Chateau Hanare

Chaya Izakaya (Closed ) (Media Tasting)

Chitchat Coffee 

City Market Social House (Wolfgang Puck Catering) (Media Tasting)

Chocolate Chair

Citizen Beverly Hills (Media Tasting)

Citizen Kitchen 

Cocina Express (Food Truck)

Connie and Ted's (Dine LA)

Cork Fire

Creekside Grill

Crossings (Media Tasting)




Din Tai Fung

Doma Kitchen (Media Tasting)

Dominique Ansel Restaurant

Doomies Next Mex

Dot Saigon

Dragon Restaurant

Eden on Brand


Egg Slut


El Cantaro (Vegan)

E.P. & L.P.

Erven (Closed)

Everytable Santa Monca (Yelp Elite Event)

Faith and Flower (Dine LA)

Fifty One Kitchen (Media Tasting)

Fin (Dine LA)

Fire Fly (Media Tasting)

Fishing with Dynamite (Dine LA)


Francesca's Italian Kitchen

Frankie/Lucy Bakeshop

Fresco Valley Cafe

Fusion JJampong & Pizza

Georgie (Dine LA)

Gracias Madre 

Granville (Studio City)

Golden Mean Cafe

Greenleaf  Gourmet Chopshop (Media Tasting)

Gyu Kaku (Dine LA)

Hanjip (Closed) (Dine LA)

Hatch Yakitori (Media Tasting)

Habana Irvine (Media Tasting)


Hello Kitty Cafe

Herringbone (Tasting)

Himalayan Kitchen 

Holy Cow

Honey Kettle

Hot Fried Chicken (Media Tasting)

Il Cielo Beverly Hills

IL Fornaio (Dine LA)

Inko Nito (Yelp Elite)

Irori Sushi

Izikaya Osen (Media Tasting)



Jimmy's Famous American Tavern (Media Tasting)

Journeyman's Food and Drink (Tasting)

Katsuya Brentwood and DTLA

Kain at Mari

Kazunori Westwood

Khao Soi (Media Tasting)

Kick'n Kasian (Media Tasting)

Kings Hawaiian


Koki's Teppanyaki Grille

K-Zo (Dine LA)

La Barbecue

La Fete (Media Tasting)

La Panaderia (Texas)

Lark on The Park (Texas)

LA Vegan

Lauduree Beverly Hills

LDH Kitchen The Robata  (Media Tasting)

LEONA (Closed) (Media Tasting)

Le Petit Paris

Lincoln (Texas)

Little Beast

Little Fatty

Lobster and Beer


Long Beach Thai

Love and War (Texas)

Lucille's BBQ (Tasting)

Lucky's Bar (Yelp Elite Event)

Luigi Al Teatro (Media Tasting)

Lunetta (Media Tasting)

Lunetta At Night (Media Tasting)

Madera Kitchen (Media Tasting)

Maison Akira

Meet In Paris

MFK Aysee (Tasting)

Midici Century City (Yelp Elite Event)

Mild Sauce Tasting (Media Tasting)

Mimiyunga (Media Tasting)

Mi Piace

Mod Pizza (Yelp Elite Event)

Modo Mio (Media Tasting)


Margo's (Yelp Elite Event) Melisse (Yelp Elite Event)

Mr. C

Mr. Chow (Dine LA)

Ms. Chi Cafe (Off The Menu)

My Vegan Gold 

Native Foods (Vegan)

Natalee Thai

Necco (Dine LA)


Nick's Manhattan 

Nick's on 2nd

Nipong Naepong (Media Tasting)

Nona's Empanadas

NongLA (Media Tasting)

O + O Sicilian Italian Kitchen (Media Tasting)

Original Thai BBQ

Oak Laguna

Original Gourmet Kabob

Osteria Mama

Osteria Venice West (Closed)


Pasta Sisters

Pearls BBQ (Media Tasting)


Pho King Awesome (Food Truck)


Pinnacle At Falkner Winery

Primal Kitchen (Closed)

Prince of Venice (Food Truck)

Preux & Proper (Media Tasting)

Pulp Juice Bar (Media Tasting)

Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

Ramen Go (Media Tasting)

Ramen Roll (Closed)

Red O (Media Tasting)


Rush Street

Ruth Chris Steakhouse

Robeks (Media Tasting)

Rock House Sliders (Media Tasting)

Rock Sugar



Samosa House East


San Pedro Fish Market

Santa Monica Seafood

Sao Acai

Seasalt Fish Grill

Shake Shack

Share (Curtis Stone Techmuch)

Shuhari Matcha Cafe

Simpang Asia

Smokes Poutinerie (Closed) (Media Tasting)

Society Kitchen LA 


South City Fried Chicken (Media Tasting)

Sugar Fish B.H., Brentwood (Dine LA)

Spire 73 (Media Tasting)

Sushi Stop

Sweet Fin Poke

Sweet Green

Tagine Beverly Hills (Dine LA)

Tentenyu Culver City

The Culver Hotel

The District LA (Media Tasting)

The Dolly Lama Koreatown (Media Tasting)

The Federal

The Grain Cafe

The Guest House (Media Tasting)

The Lobby Bar (Temecula)

The Other Room (Media Tasting)

The Ponte 

The Raymond (Media Tasting)

The Rockefeller (Media Tasting)

The Room


The Wallace (Dine LA)

Tlayuda LA (Media Tasting)

Tosai (Media Tasting)

Totoyami Sushi (Media Tasting)

Tripple 8

Truck Stop

Tsujita Annex

Umami Burger Santa Monica

Umi Sushi Oyster Bar

Uncle Fungs

Urth Cafe



Villa Blanca

Walt Garrison Texas BBQ (Texas)

Water Grill Santa Monica

Wild Craft

Wise Barbecue (Food Truck)

Wood (Media Tasting)

Wood and Vine (Media Tasting)

Wood and Water (Media Tasting)

WP24 Wolfgang Puck

Yokohama Sushi


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