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Hatch Yakitori and Bar

Chef Daniel Shemtob's latest restaurant is nestled inside The Bloc LA and has been open for the last three and half months. It's a modern Izakaya style restaurant, and is known for the diversity of skewers, which are also know as "Sticks" on the menu. I am excited that I have had the opportunity to try out this new modern Japanese restaurant. There is indoor and outdoor seating with there being a nice contrast between light and dark. The front is bright and airy, and as you go toward the back of the restaurant it becomes darker as the bar is located in that area. You have the comfort of duality in the atmosphere. I tried several dishes this evening, but before I begin I must say the Matcha Coconut is very refreshing and you can really taste both flavors with neither overpowering the other. First, we ordered the Black Fried Rice and Black Karage. I was so curious about these two dishes because you don't typically see them. I will tell you now that the Black Karage may look like lava rocks, but you are in for a treat. These two day brine chicken thighs are so tender. I can't get over the flavor of squid ink, house pickles, grilled lime and ranch dip. The blend is intoxicating. Well for me that is. The Black Fried Rice was pleasant and comes with black garlic sauce, carrot, corn, mushroom, green onion, pickled ginger and house togarashi. It is aesthetically appealing as well. Next, we seriously had a plethora of sticks (thigh and green onion, thigh and miso, quail egg, bacon asparagus, chicken meatball, wing, gizzard, bacon shishito, quail egg and breast and plum). I would say my top three I enjoyed 1) chicken meatball 2)Breast and Plum and 3) Bacon Shishito. However, I suggest you try them all. The prices are definitely reasonable.

He is a self taught Chef and known for his Food Truck, "The Lime Truck, " where he won The Great Food Truck Race. I never had the opportunity to try his TLT restaurant, which serves Mexican food, but admire that he is diverse in his style of cooking.

If you are ever in downtown LA this is one restaurant you are going to want to try.

Hatch Yakitori + Bar 700 S Flower Street Los Angeles, CA


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