• Christine Beligan

Sweet Chick

We've a got a new place in town giving off a cool vibe with some R&B and Hip Hop music bumping in the background. If you like loud music and good beats while you eat. Then this is the hot spot for you. It's owned by CEO/Co-Founder and Creative Director John Seymour and Nasir Jones a.k.a. NAS. I was already feeling the energy from the beginning. The host and hostess made me feel welcomed. I sat at the bar waiting for my girlfriend, and decided to order the "Girls+Pearls". It's a mix of Brut sparkling, Pisco, Jasmine Pearl Tea, and Lime. It's a pretty cocktail that makes your lips pucker up. The one drink though I highly recommend getting is the alcoholic Lemonade. Now that is definitely a cocktail that will make you feel elated.

There was one item on the menu that peaked my interest because you don't normally see it like Avocado Toast, which has become a staple appetizer. Mussel Toast! You've got baby mussels, avocado, fava bean puree, parsley, pergillade, and hearts of palm. It was such an interesting mix. It reminded me of a seafood taco. Another appetizer that we had was the Mac N Cheese. It reveled in Gruyere, Fontina, Aged White Cheddar, Ritz Cracker Crust. Talk about being in cheese heaven.

The menu had a variety of options for the 2pc. Chicken and Waffles ranging from Regular, Dried Cherry, Bacon and Cheddar, Apple N' Cinnamon, Spiced Pecan, and Rosemary + Mushroom. Luckily Kyle Martin COO and Creative Director introduced us to Chef Lawrence Duda. He will be in town for only a month before he goes back to the New York location. We asked his opinion of which one was the best? It seems the Bacon and Cheddar Waffle is the most popular to choose from. I took one bite of it and loved the waffles being light, fluffy, and airy. The Bacon and Cheddar added that nice saltiness in taste. The chicken was juicy, moist and lightly crisped with a thin layer of batter.

This is definitely going to be my go to spot for chicken and waffles, especially when brunch will be coming soon.


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