• Christine Beligan

The Ponte

The Ponte opened about a month ago, and this past Saturday marked their first day of brunch. The restaurant is owned by Stephane Bombet and Scott Conant. It's a lovely restaurant with a quaint garden patio, but I decided to sit inside this time because I loved the rustic feel. The hanging light fixtures were unique. They reminded me of phonographs fanned out. The walls had the appearance of it being aged. A long and prominent shadow box that had intricate displays of books, frames and decoratives were hanging on the wall. This is a piece that stands out and gives character to the room. Olivia was our waitress, and she had recommended the Avocado Toast, which I wasn't too sure of getting, but glad I did. It is the prettiest Avocado Toast I have seen, and not only is aesthetically appealing. The flavor was a fantastic surprise. I didn't expect the kick in flavor from the Salsa Calabrese, which was a spectacular fusion. I am definitely going to order that again! I also had the Benedict Poached Eggs with Prosciutto, tomato hollandaise, and greens. The hollandaise was creamy, but not too thick like most hollandaise sauce. It was light, but wonderfully complimenting with the prosciutto. The Burrata & San Danielle Prosciutto with marinated eggplant and tomato sott'olio was on point. My only wish is that there was more eggplant that came with this dish because it is so savory. I loved all the dishes we ordered and I had to compliment Chef Freddy Vargas personally to thank him. This is a great venue, and I look forward to coming back again to try out the dinner menu.


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