• Christine Beligan


This is one restaurant I have been wanting to go to for the past few months , and had the opportunity to go and pre celebrate my Birthday with a fellow Foodie friend. Cassia is an upper scale Singaporean and Vietnamese Seafood restaurant located in Santa Monica. The ambiance emanates a dim setting, and the noise level is quite loud due to the acoustics of the restaurant. This is not the place to bring a date or to have deep conversations. I found myself having a difficult time hearing what my friend Amy was discussing, and having her to repeat what was said on several occasions. However, the food on the other hand was spectacular. We ordered about four dishes between the two of us. We wanted a variety of food. So we started out with the Seafood Platter, which I highly recommend. The platter consists of Vietnamese Sunbathing Prawns, Snow Crab Claws, Raw and Spicy Scallops, Oysters from Canada, NY, Washington, Smoked Salmon Dip, and a side of two toasted sliced breads (used to add on the Spicy Scallops and Smoked Salmon Dip). This is definitely a good deal since you are able to try a little bit of what's on the Chilled Seafood Bar list. Everything was great on the platter, but my favorite was the Smoked Salmon. It was creamy, smoky, and a wonderful taste on my palate. Next, we had the Black Cod with Anchovy broth, Chinese romaine, Lychee relish, and herb salad. The broth was just exquisite and savory and went well with the Black Cod. I love black cod because it is similar to Chilean Sea bass which is a highly regarded fish I enjoy eating. Then we had the the Grilled Pork Belly with Vermicelli (Pickled Kohlrabi & carrots, herbs, green leaf lettuce, peanuts, and shrimp chip). What a great dish and the flavors were so interesting. Usually, when I order Pork Belly it is fried. So having it grilled and mixed with lime and some sauce, brought out a distinctive quality. Judy (waitress) knew I could not decide between the two desserts Kaffir Lime Custard or the Vietnamese pudding. So for my Birthday she brought both out and gave me the Vietnamese pudding on the house. I would love to dine here again and try other options on their menu.


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