• Christine Beligan

Osteria Venice West

I had started my food Instagram account on September 17, 2016. This is when I became more involved, and I wanted to see what restaurants peaked my interest. I ran across some photos from Osteria Venice and was really impressed with the food. There was one pasta dish I was looking forward to trying, but learned when I was there. They no longer had that on the menu. It was the Uni pasta dish. Our server at the time Nicko had recommended the Tuna Tartare, Australian Wagyu NY Strip 8oz, and The Farm Mixed Seafood pasta. This is where I fell in love. I would say this is the best Tuna Tartare that I have ever had. The tuna sits on top of a soft sliced bread, and once you bite into it. You just want to devour it. When the Wagyu was served, it was beautifully plated. I didn't even want to slice it. However, the aroma was so enticing. Once I took my first morsel, I was in pure heaven. It was unbelievably amazing. The Farm Mixed Seafood Pasta was impeccable. I cannot even describe it because you just have to try it for yourself. At that time, I also had the Moscato D'asti Sori dei fion and Hazelnut Gelato that sat in a molded ice bowl. They were both delicious.

Tonight I came back for Dine L.A. with some Foodie friends of mine because I raved about this particular restaurant being my all time favorite Italian dining. It had some of the similar dishes I had last time, but also some new ones like the Burrata, The Butcher, Lobster Ravioli, Scottish Salmon, Dairy Free Tiramisu, and the Sfogliatella. Everything on the menu that we had was spectacular. It was a flawless dinner. If you have not been, then take advantage of this pre fixed menu for only $49 until January 27th. I also got to meet Chef Luigi in person after being Facebook friends for a few months now. We met through Yelp and I wrote a review on his restaurant before I became a Yelp Elite. He liked it so much that I am invited to attend opening night for his new and upcoming restaurant, "Luigi". I am looking forward to experiencing what he has in store for his next venture.


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