• Christine Beligan

Il Fornaio

I have not been to one in over a decade and the last one I went to was in Napa, CA. after my son was born. I love Italian food and I would say that it is my favorite category. It's so rich in flavors that it makes my palate dance with joy. When I saw that Il Fornaio was participating in Dine L.A. I knew I had to go and take advantage of the $39.00 prefixed dinner menu. My friend Liz and I normally like to dine within a 2-5 mile radius from where we live. So the Beverly Hills location was perfect. Plus, you get to stroll around Rodeo like I did before and after dinner. I chose the Carpaccio thinly sliced raw certified Piedmontes beef, shave Grana Padano, capers & wild arugala, drizzled with lemon-olive oil. I usually have a seafood Carpaccio, and this was my first time to try beef. It was pretty gratifying. My entrée was the Salmone alla Griglia, which was freshly grilled Atlantic Salmon with lemon parsley sauce served with sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes. This was absolutely devine. I loved everything about this dish. I wanted to savor every bite that I took. Now for dessert there were only two options, the Tiramisu or the Budino di Pane (Bread Pudding made with Granny apples, golden raisins, figs, and brandy, créme anglaise and caramel-sea salt gelato). I chose the Tiramisu, but now thinking about it I should have chosen the Bread Pudding. It just seems more exotic. My friend Liz ordered the Margherita Pizza, which she loved and I got to try a slice myself. Overall, I enjoyed the service. A welcoming hostess and a very attentive waiter led to a wonderful evening with great food.


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