• Christine Beligan

Vegan Style

A few months ago my son decided to become Vegan. So, I have made it my mission to try several restaurants with him or with friends who are like minded, and we could enjoy the dishes together. He loves animals so much that he sends me daily videos of the mistreatment that occurs in slaughter houses. I respect his decision, even though I am not a Vegan yet. However, I do enjoy trying the dishes since it helps me be healthier during the week. Today, I went to Sage a plant based bistro and beer garden. It is such a lovely and welcoming place to be. It exudes a peaceful vibe and I love the layout of the restaurant. The decor is very earthy with the outdoor seating, and the inside is a mixed use of industrial and modern style. I had looked at Yelp this morning to peruse the possibilities and of course the one I wanted to order was not available during brunch/lunch. The butternut squash ravioli was not going to happen. Instead, we went with the Brussels Sprouts, Hot Wings, and the Sweet Potato Pancakes. The Brussels Sprouts were tossed in lime and salt served with habanero cream cheese. The taste was dynamite! My friend I just looked at each other with our eyes in amazement with how good it was. The Hot Wings are fried tempura battered cauliflower tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce with side of celery, carrots and ranch. Again another hit! Who knew cauliflower could taste so bloody delicious. If you love sweet potato, then you are going to want to have The Sweet Potato Pancakes. It's topped with sliced strawberries and bananas with (vegan butter) and syrup on the side. We decided to eat this last and have that as our dessert. I thought Gracias Madre was gratifying, and I think Sage is just as satisfying.

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