• Christine Beligan

The Food Speaks for Itself

If you feel like trying a Modern Mexican Restaurant in Culver City. Then this is the place to be at Platform. I have been here a few times, and there is always a line when I go during lunch. They have a couple tables outside in the front of the restaurant, four tables inside, and three on the patio. It isn't a spacious place, but that doesn't stop customers from coming to visit this cool spot. The menu is pretty simple. You can either have a Primo, which is basically a taco with Chicken,Beef, Pork, or Mushroom. A Molcajete, which is an oval platter with the same options as the Primo, but with rice, beans, guacamole, cotija cheese, onion, cilantro and tortillas. Today, I wanted to have two proteins. So, I ordered the Beef and Pork Molcajete. Just talking about it right now ignites the wonderful flavors I tasted. It is a filling dish. Make sure you have an appetite if you decide to order this . I also, got the Aguas Jamaica. If you have never had it then it is a must try. It is tart, and I normally prefer something sweeter, but this was just right.


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