I started this page in hopes to share with foodies like myself of my dining experiences, and would like to inspire others to visit restaurants that they have never tried. A couple months ago one of my co-workers saw how often I would eat out at restaurants. I would take several photos and show him the different dishes that I tried. Jim suggested that I do something with these photos and said, "You should be a food photographer." So, I thought about it and decided to create an Instagram page dedicated to all the dishes I have eaten at different restaurants. I would post my best shots and I wanted to make sure that I had variety in my content. I started to get positive feedback from marketers, chefs, and foodies. I would get really excited when restaurants like Nobu, Sugarfish, Citizen Kitchen and Eden on Brand would repost my photos. I also wanted to become an Elite Yelper, and I was recommended by someone whom I still don't know till this day. I was asked by the Community Manager if I wanted to join. I began writing more reviews than normal and attended events at Melisse, Margo's and Caudalie. I thought how fun and exciting this was. So, one of my friend's (Brittany) said, "Why don't you become a food blogger? You are always going out to eat and you have chef friends. This is something you are passionate about and it makes sense." I decided to look into it and I figured why not? So here I am starting my food blogging page in 2017.


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Christine Beligan

Food Blogger, Foodie, and Food Photographer

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